International Living-Three Great Places to Retire and Live Abroad

Have you ever dreamed about owning a vacation home or living in an exotic country? It’s not uncommon to dream of owning a foreign vacation home, living or retiring in an exotic country. A rising number of Americans and Europeans are being drawn abroad by the lower cost of living, and better quality of life. Many are returning home to their homelands or places they used to vacation, work or study. Some are being lured by attractive tax incentives and generous retiree perks. You probably haven’t even thought about it besides reading about it. These three wonderful and affordable pieces of paradise might change your mind.


There are many expatriate destinations that offer a variety of options. Nova Scotia is a Canadian province that is becoming a popular retirement and vacation destination.

Nova Scotia is beautiful. It boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world. There are charming fishing villages and affordable lots that can be built on. You also have opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation of almost every kind. The province is steeped in Scottish and Irish heritages, as well as Acadian (creole), heritage. It also feels like New England 100 year ago.

This is not all. Nova Scotia is worth considering because of its government-funded healthcare, pleasant spring and summer temperatures, and low real estate prices. The increasing number of European and American expats in Nova Scotia is a clear indication.

You can purchase a piece of the stunning coastline and thousands of acres of charming countryside for unbelievably low prices. In a private, peaceful haven, live like a prince. You can enjoy universal healthcare, friendly people, and Cuban cigars (they are legal in this country). All this is in a beautiful, undeveloped storybook setting. Don’t wait, the word is out!


Panama is a great place to retire or live abroad. It has affordable real estate and stunning scenery.

Panama, which is home to Central America’s most attractive and vibrant capital (Panama City), is slightly larger than Florida. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Panama is a place that will seduce you with its natural beauty. It is one of the most liveable areas in the world because of its beautiful coastline, lush green valleys and near-perfect weather. Panama is a great place to visit if you love Florida and the Caribbean.

Panama offers one of the most attractive discount programs for retirees and expatriates, in addition to its beautiful scenery. According to AARP, Panama is the fourth-best retirement destination in the world. Panama is a better choice than traditional Latin American retirement havens like Costa Rica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Panama offers more amenities, lower prices, and has less government interference.

Panama also offers a number of incentives for newcomers to the country, such as:

Expatriates who purchase or build a home for themselves pay no property taxes over the next 20 years.

There are no taxes on income earned abroad (Social Security, pensions, or business profits).

For a period of twenty years, investments in the tourism sector are exempted from import duties, construction material and equipment costs, as well as income and other taxes.

Pensionado (retiree) program

The program is open to anyone over 18, and you don’t have to be retired in order to apply. A guaranteed income of $500 per monthly ($600 for a couple) is the only requirement. It must be a pension provided by a company (e.g. You can get Social Security, Disability, Military Pay, etc. You can immediately be a Panamanian resident pensioner and receive the best expatriate benefits, including discounts on everything, from doctor visits and closing costs to restaurants and entertainment (movies and concerts, sporting events, etc.). You can find out more.

Panama’s proximity to the USA (only 2 1/2 hours from Miami) is another advantage. The US dollar is the currency of choice, while English is widely understood and spoken in major cities. Spanish is the official language.

The best place to buy real estate in Panama right now is Panama City. This capital boasts First-world infrastructure; Boquete is a scenic and growing ex-pat community in Panama’s mountainous region. And the Pearl Islands are a group of more than 90 islands and 130 islets.


The Caribbean is synonymous for hedonism, from the tourist Mecca of Bahamas to Bonaire’s off-the-beaten path divers’ paradise. The Caribbean is home to one the most attractive — and affordable — destinations in the hemisphere. If you are looking for the perfect tropial paradise, then Dominica is the place to go.

Dominica, which has no direct flights to North America or Europe from North America, is a welcome refuge of peace and tranquility in the Caribbean’s seas of mass tourism. The island lies roughly halfway between Martinique & Guadeloupe and is remarkably underdeveloped. Dominica is the Caribbean’s most rugged island. It is home to waterfalls, hot springs and rivers (365), as well as lush rain forests. You won’t find luxury resorts or long stretches on crowded sand; instead, you will find intimate beaches, volcanic mountains, and little-explored corals, as well as charming small hotels.

If you think living in the Caribbean is something only celebrities can afford, think again. Dominica’s costs are very reasonable. A modest, comfortable home can be constructed for as low as $25,000.

Go see it for yourself!

*All prices are in US dollars

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