International Living and Investing – How I Created my South American Dream

We had done extensive research on the countries that we were going to visit and were accompanied by bilingual experts. This allowed us to apply our collective sixth sense and gain a real understanding of the business culture in foreign countries. We spoke with many locals and with ex-patriots from North America and Europe, who have established businesses in high-end retirement destinations such as Panama, Brazil, and Argentina.

What was the most important thing I learned from this trip? The most important lesson I learned on this trip was how important it is to actually get on a plane and see things for yourself, even in our digitally-connected world. While we all enjoy the familiarity of familiar people and places, it also brings with it a sense of frustration. We feel that we don’t have complete control over our lives. It’s like living on autopilot. We are too busy earning a living to have any real income. Others can control us. The worst thing about governments is that they not only control our money, but also our thoughts – and they are not in our best interest.

However, there is a natural fear that we all have of the unknown, whether it be offshore banking, offshore business or international asset protection. Is it legal Are we being scammed? If we work with trustworthy people and do things right, there is no chance of being scammed. The media perpetuates this fear. It is nothing but mind control. It’s possible to overcome it and open up new opportunities that most people won’t know exist by facing it head-on.

A British businessman, one of my companions, stated that TV and media coverage led him to believe that he would encounter machete-wielding people just a few miles from Panama City’s financial district. He discovered that the area is a great place to do business. He is now planning to relocate his operations down there. He will probably be living offshore by the time this article is finished – another tax exile who voted for personal liberty and not a bankrupt system.

My own international, secure business is what I do. It’s not just something I write about, it’s what I do. Over a decade, my own business has helped individuals discover how to not only preserve and protect offshore assets but also how to make money and live the international lifestyle. My motto is “You don’t know what you don’t see until you try.” Because of the instability around the world, you owe it yourself to learn about safe places and other opportunities. This is the right time to get started!

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