For safe investing, selling doesn’t always require a new purchase

You don’t have to sell a stock or mutual funds immediately. This is not always a good idea and not the best way of investing.

Many people believe that because a stock is’stopped out’ they must immediately choose a new stock and purchase it. These recommendations may be provided by many investment software programs, but there are times when they are not.

Follow a Weekly Strategy

What do you do if an ETF is sold mid-week despite having’stops’ set by your broker?

It is much easier and more rewarding to follow your existing strategy than to panic about what to buy. This means that if you are a regular evaluator or update your strategies on Saturdays, wait until then before making a decision about what to buy next.

Waiting until your normal time will yield three results

Less stress

Your normal process will guide your ‘buy’ decision

It is better to know when it is time to ‘buy’ or ‘take a break’ from investing.

A Daily Strategy

If you look at your retirement account or portfolio every day, and a position is sold out mid-day it will be the same principle as a weekly strategy. You should wait until the normal time to review your strategy, then decide what, if any, to buy.

Let your Technique Rule

Your normal process of evaluating buy/sell suggestions from investment software can be avoided by following your method

Make a purchase decision based on information from yesterday or the weekend before.

Being sure your software doesn’t give a market exit signal

Rushing to make a decision

This process also allows you to place stop orders on investments that are based on your strategy rules. This allows you to maximize profits and minimize your losses.

You won’t suddenly find yourself spending more time managing your wealth or retirement accounts if you wait until your normal time to assess your investments. This will ensure that you don’t become discouraged or give up on your potential to grow your portfolio.

An investment software program that is reliable and profitable will allow you to make investments safely and profitably. It won’t cost you any extra if you wait for your usual evaluation or decision-making time.

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